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Frank Mowery is one of the world’s leading experts in paper conservation and restoration. He has maintained a private practice for over 30 years focusing on the conservation of rare books, manuscripts and works of art on paper. Contact him today for a free estimate on your project.

It’s my passion to restore our history for future generations – J. Frank Mowery

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Mending Tears and Infilling Loses

Paper inherently is fragile and when carelessly handled or subjected to poor conditions will tear and develop losses.  As paper ages, it becomes more acidic and brittle.  Tears can be mended by different methods.

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Pressure Sensitive Tape Treatments

Pressure sensitive tape comes in a wide variety of formulations, and has been used for decades as a quick means to repair torn paper.  They all ultimately cause serious problems, deterioration of the paper and staining.

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Fine Binding

My training began at the Staatlich Hochschule fur bildende Künste, in Hamburg, Germany (State Art Academy). I trained for 5 years with the master bookbinder, Kurt Londenberg.

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Stain Reduction

Stains on paper are the result of acidity. Paper naturally ages and as a result becomes more and more acidic, and as a result yellows and darkens.